Pay Per Click Advertising

Let our pay per click advertising agency help you generate more traffic, leads, and revenue. As a boutique pay per click company, we have helped our clients target areas in Albany, Saratoga Springs, NYC, Detroit, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, and Miami.

Our expertise

Types ofAds


We use keywords to target people who need the products or services you provide. We then create an ad that will show when someone uses that particular keyword and help optimize your ad spend for Google  when your ad is clicked.


Display advertising is an investment strategy for businesses who want to visually get in front of their targeted audience and convert them into leads or customers. Rather than just running your ad on search engines, we use cutting-edge targeting technology to help you reach the people most likely interested in what you have to offer.


We run these on Google and Bing and  upload specific targeting lists for your campaign based on demographics, interests, departments of the store that they navigated through, or purchase history. We then target all previous users, those who previously purchased from your site, signed up to the newsletter, and more, so you get the most bang for your buck.


We help create video campaigns that allow you to reach and engage with your audience on YouTube and through Google video partners. We optimize these ads based on your campaign goals so you tell people about your products and services in the most effective way possible and get them to take action.

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