SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization

Improve your SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, today. Our team specializes in a variety of areas, some of which include Family Law, HVAC, Finance, and Hospitality, with the ability to target local, national, and international audiences. We have helped companies generate increased revenue in Albany, Saratoga Springs, NJ, NYC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, and Austin.

Our process

Research &Analysis


Building a robust foundation to your SEO strategy requires a 360 degree site audit. We will carry out an extensive site audit and provide a comprehensive report that includes critical errors and areas of opportunity.

Mobile Audit

A site that isn’t mobile friendly won’t appeal to search engines or your audience. Not to mention, you’ll miss out on more than half of online traffic worldwide.

Keyword research & strategy

What are the keywords you’re currently ranking for? What about your competitors? How can you better utilize keywords to your advantage? We will identify areas to fine-tune and put together a keyword strategy layered with search intent. That way, you’ll start showing up for search terms your target audience is searching for.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Where do you stand against other businesses in your industry? What do you need to do to gain a competitive advantage? By conducting an extensive competitor analysis, we’ll look at key factors, like backlinks, domain age, and page speed, to help you get ahead.


Technical site fixes

XML sitemaps, canonicalizations, improper redirects, the list goes on. There are numerous site components that need careful attention when it comes to maximizing your SEO results. We’ll start with the low-hanging fruits and work our way up to smooth out more advanced issues across your site. Don’t worry, our team will keep you updated on all changes and help you understand SEO along the way.

Site clean up

Your site might look pretty on the outside, but this isn’t always the case on the inside, which might explain those low traffic and conversion rates. We’ll take a deep dive into the backend of your site to identify areas that need massaging and areas that might just need a complete makeover. This may involve implementing code, robots.txt files, and HTTP authentication.

Metadata health

How are your meta-titles and meta-descriptions looking on the search results pages? Search engines rely heavily on metadata to determine your site and content’s relevance and ranking. Our team will make sure your metadata follows SEO best practices and aligns with your target audience’s objectives. This will help your content rank better for a given keyword and entice people to click on your site.

Site Structure

Google takes the user experience very seriously, which is why our SEO specialists invest time to ensure your site structure is looking solid. We’ll look at your URL structures, index and content pages, and more to verify all aspects of your site follow a logical flow. It will make both search engines and your users very happy.


Google My Business

We will build and refine your GMB page to confirm your business listing is up-to-date (address, phone, hours of operation, etc.) and stands out for relevant local searches.

Apple Maps

We will optimize your Apple Maps listing, so your prospects can find and locate your business while they’re on the road.

Bing Places

We don’t stop until you've got all of your bases covered. From incorporating the right URLs to selecting the right business categories, we will build and enhance your Bing Places listing as well.


Internal Links

Which pages of your site carry the highest page authority? Do you have pages that link to them? Are there any links pointing to 404 error pages? We will dive into these critical areas and build an internal linking strategy, backed by strong anchor texts and search intent. The goal is to pass authority from one page to another and guide your visitors to your most valuable pages.

External Links/Backlinks

When credible websites link to you, this tells search engines you have authority in your industry and helps boost your visibility. We will fine tune your backlink profile and analyze your competitors’ links. We’ll also go the extra mile and research potential sites that can link to your business and level up your backlink game.

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We love what we do and we love what you do. It all starts with a cup of coffee.

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